Chapter 4: Confusion

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© Black Wings, 2020, Sami Luu and Ari Kiss

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Confusion

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  2. Woooww!!! Sami Luu, I’m impressed at your skills!!! Your drawings are amazing and the story keeps me hooked for the next update. I really love what you do!!! By the way, where can I find your illustrations?? I want to see more!!!!!


  3. I love how cute mammon is hugging Remiel. And how sexy Ramiel is on the cage. You do some NSFW??? I’d really want to see some kinky stuff with them both!!!!
    I really love your art, by the waaay!!! You are amazing!!!!!


  4. Sami, I really love you!!! I want to have a child with yoooouuu!!!! They will be as talented as you and surly as pretty as some of you characters!!!!!!!! (You know why)
    I think you should earn prices and money and beautiful boys and girls being your fans!!!!! You’re the best!!!!!


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