The Authors

Ari Kiss & Sami Luu

Hello! We are Sami Luu and Ari Kiss; we are two boys from Tarragona who enjoy inventing stories and later on turning them into comics. Ari Kiss loves reading and writing, so he writes a lot from our comics’ plot and also gives personality to a lot of characters, like Azazel and Michael. Sami Luu loves to write and create characters too, but he also projects all the stories into the blank pages to transform them to comics when Ari gives the final okay to them. It can be very tiring but it’s worth it!

In our stories we love to give light to some minorities, specially the LGBTIQ+ collective as we are part of it.

We also have other common projects, for example our alternative fashion brand: Le Chat Étrange. Give it a look if you want to dress like a fancy demon!

© Black Wings, 2020, Sami Luu and Ari Kiss

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