Happy Holidays!

Greetings dear humans! Remi, for some reason, decided to send us a christmas postcard, and I don’t have anything better to share (at least, the man’s hot…). So, to wish y’all a merry christmas, a happy new year and happy holidays too to all other cultures, here I share it with ya – how do you spend the holidays? I want to hear your answers in the comments!

The demons’ celebration will be explained next month for Sami Luu’s vips only (you can become a Sami Luu vip by subscribing to Patreon, Ko-fi or sending a mail to miquelblay.samiluu@gmail.com !)

Your lovely demon Tumael

Published by blackwingscomic

LGBT+ multiartist from Tarragona

One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I spent my holidays with Azazel, Lucifer, Leviatan and Satan. We had a great time!!! I love the way they sing christmas carols!! Specially Satan!!! And the food was delicios!! I coudn’t get enough of it!!!!!!!!!


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