• Black Wings discord server!
    Greetings dear humans! Lucifer sent me a message for all you, so I’m posting it here: You can join the discord server by clicking hereThank you! hope to see you there, this will be very funny, you’ll see! Your lovely and wonderful demon,Tumael
  • Happy Holidays!
    Greetings dear humans! Remi, for some reason, decided to send us a christmas postcard, and I don’t have anything better to share (at least, the man’s hot…). So, to wish y’all a merry christmas, a happy new year and happy holidays too to all other cultures, here I share it with ya – how doContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”
  • Welcome to Tumael’s Blog!
    Greetiiiinggsss!! Your lovely demon Tumael here! I am so glad to announce… this new Black Wings blog! I will be posting here some news such as new updates, monthly Patreon content, new illustrations… and I will also answer your doubts! (if they don’t have spoilers…) To finish this introduction I just want to remember youContinue reading “Welcome to Tumael’s Blog!”

Black Wings blog

Greetings dear humans; I am Tumael, a fallen Angel who fought in the First Angel War. I work and live in Lucifer’s Palace, who I’ve been serving for more than 3500 years. Right now, my job is to be a human guide and I like to write blogs and books to guide them through Hell and make them know our cool culture. I also like collecting dolls.

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